MetaboFix Reviews Real100% Legit Weight Loss, Ingredients or Scam Complaints?

 MetaboFix Reviews  Real Weight Loss Ingredients or Scam Complaints?


MetaboFix Reviews  Real100% Legit Weight Loss, Ingredients or Scam Complaints?
MetaboFix Reviews


 is a dietary formula designed by a Canadian-based fitness coach Matt Stirling. 

This is a 4-second juice ritual that boosts metabolism and triggers a natural fat burn with no requirement of dieting or workout.

 According to the official website, all MetaboFix ingredients are obtained from premium quality natural sources, ensuring an effective and safe weight loss formula.

Unhealthy food cravings are the worst enemy of a person who is trying to lose weight. These uncontrollable desires to eat certain foods make the appetite much bigger, and the person ends up eating more than his routine. 

These foods that people usually crave during weight-loss diets vary in every person, but mostly, these foods are high-sugary processed things with a high amount of sugar and sodium inside.

Although health experts often promote this idea that food cravings are real yet manageable, there are less than 10% of people who can manage them. All others find it impossible to resist food that they love, no matter if they are on a diet or not. Using a dietary formula that works on cravings and gives metabolism a quick boost is highly desirable in this situation. Plus, if it is made from herbal ingredients, it saves from the risk of side effects that are otherwise common with weight loss products.


by Gold Vida is an all-in-one supplement that works on metabolism, controls food cravings, and prevents overeating, making it hard for the body to burn all these extra calories.

 People of all ages can use this supplement, except the underage group.

 More than a dietary supplement, it is a morning ritual that makes it easy to lose and maintain weight after reaching the target weight. 

Interestingly, it may also help against a number of conditions, most of which are related to obesity. It includes high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, heart diseases, hormonal issues, infertility, hypertension, etc.

Read this comprehensive MetaboFix review to find out the details about its ingredients, working, and pricing information.

MetaboFix Reviews  Real100% Legit Weight Loss, Ingredients or Scam Complaints?
MetaboFix Reviews

MetaboFix Review

MetaboFix claims to be a revolutionary dietary formula that has changed the theory of weight loss. It is a fine blend of metabolic boosting ingredients that work on one of the biggest issues in weight loss, which is unhealthy food cravings. 

According to the official website, it is 100% natural and side effect free; everything inside MetaboFix supplement has independent benefits to offer. 

As a formula, these ingredients work in harmony and enhance each other’s effects.

Unlike other dietary supplements, MetaboFix is not a capsule supplement; it is a powder that makes it even more handy and digestible. It is advised to mix this powder in a liquid, preferably water, and use it directly as a drink.

The name MetaboFix describes its function well. It fixes the issues in metabolism, making the natural metabolism easy and smooth.

 Without any underlying problems, metabolism burns all calories consumed and readily available glucose in the bloodline. It claims to be 100% safe for everyone and is fit for daily use.

The ingredients are picked after going through the extensive research available on them. 

There is no ‘suitable’ candidate for using MetaboFix supplement as cravings have no link with age, and anyone can experience them. Let's see how MetaboFix ingredients act upon body fat, making it easy for a person to lose weight with a powdered supplement.

Information About MetaboFix ingredients

Reading the product label, especially ingredients, helps make an informed decision vital when the product is centered around health.

 Paying attention to the ingredients inside a dietary supplement also assure that you are paying for a valuable product and not losing money on a scam product. Based on this information, you can make a good choice about using or not using any product.

MetaboFix Reviews  Real100% Legit Weight Loss, Ingredients or Scam Complaints?
MetaboFix Reviews

In the case of MetaboFix supplement, here is the complete information about its ingredients.

·  Thiamin: it is an essential vitamin that is used to change food into energy. Without having enough thiamin, the body will experience a slow metabolism and compromised immunity. Resultantly, there will be more fat accumulation in the body and a high risk of obesity.

·  Riboflavin: this vitamin is also called B2 and has a role to play in metabolism. Typically, a high amount of riboflavin inside saves from slow metabolism, one of the biggest causes of weight gain and obesity. Obtaining them from a diet or a supplement like MetaboFix, it becomes easier for the body to process carbs at a much faster level.

·   Niacin: normally, the body produces niacin or vitamin B3 on its own to overlook the food to energy process. It is also required for the smooth running of the nervous system, skin health, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular functions. Changes in diet can sometimes lead to a niacin deficiency, which increases the risks of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

·  Vitamin B6: also called pyridoxine, this vitamin plays several functions inside the body and has high significance for metabolism, RBC creation, and neurotransmitter action.

· Folate: the addition of vitamin B9 or folate in MetaboFix ingredients ensures healthy cellular regeneration, damage repair, fetal growth, and changes in metabolism. It is often prescribed to women for conception and people with obesity history in the family.

·   Vitamin B12: also referred to as cobalamin, this vitamin plays an important role in DNA production, RBC production, and CNS functions. Its natural sources include animal proteins, eggs, and dairy. But people who avoid animal-based ingredients or have a dairy allergy can’t get it from these sources. Hence using a supplement with vitamin B12, like the MetaboFix diet supplement, saves from its deficiency.

·  Biotin: also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H, helps the body to obtain energy from certain dietary nutrients by boosting digestion. Its values are also essential for the growth of hair, skin, and nails.

· Pantothenic Acid: this MetaboFix ingredient helps the body use all layered fat, making weight loss easy and possible. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is required to produce coenzyme A (CoA) without which metabolism can’t work.

·   Selenium: it is a mineral that regulates thyroid functions, keeping them in a balance. Inside MetaboFix supplement, this mineral works on damage repair, especially caused by oxidative damage. If left unattended, this oxidative damage can slow down the metabolism, making it hard to lose weight.

·   Chromium: it is a trace mineral that enhances the body’s insulin sensitivity and response, regulating glucose breakdown and energy production. Despite being an essential mineral, it is only needed in a minute amount.

In addition to these essential vitamins and minerals, the MetaboFix Gold Vida formula contains three types of blends. 

The details of these blends are as follows.

Polyphenol Blend (2.1g)

It contains the following ingredients.

·         Cherry, Carrot, and Papaya

·         Aronia Berry Extract

·         Green Mango and strawberry

·         Mulberry Fruit

·         European Black Currant Fruit Extract

·         Apple and Beetroot

·         Cranberry Fruit Extract

·         Acai Fruit Extract

·         Grape Skin Extract

·         Blueberry Fruit Concentrate

·         Pomegranate and Blackberry

·         Acerola fruit

·         Red Raspberry Extract

·         Pineapple Extract, Orange

·         Cantaloupe, Grapes, and Watermelon

·         Hibiscus, Lemon, and Peach.

Metabolic Blend (465 mg)

This blend contains the following ingredients, all of which are natural metabolic boosters.

·         Shilajit Extract,

·         Ginger Root

·         Cinnamon Bark Extract

·         Green Tea Extract, White Tea

·         Turmeric Extract

·         Bitter Melon Extract

·         Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Digestive Blend (100mg)

Here are the ingredients inside the digestive blend, each of which aids in the digestion of complex food ingredients and makes up for issues in gut microbiota.

·         Organic Blue Agave Inulin

·         B. Infantis

·         B. Longum

·         L.Rhamnosus

·         L. Reuteri HA-188

·         L. Acidophilus

These daily values are established according to the 2000 calories per day diet plan. If you are taking more calories than this, restrict your calories and obtain them from healthier sources instead of eating junk.

All ingredients inside MetaboFix are obtained from premium quality natural sources, and there is no way they can cause any side effect, allergy, or sensitivity in any user. There are no secret ingredients, fillers, or toxins added, making it a risk0free formula for adult users.

Also read MetaboFix customer reviews and consumer reports. Does it really help with weight loss as advertised? Find out more here.

How Does MetaboFix Trigger Weight Loss?

MetaboFix by Gold Vida relies on its natural ingredients for inducing this natural weight loss. It works on the mitochondria of the body cells that are responsible for making energy using the glucose molecules created from the food molecules.

The body uses food as a source to generate energy. But the larger food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are not consumable by the body because of their huge sizes. Hence it breaks it down into smaller units that are more readily used by it.

These glucose molecules are stored in the liver and are freely available for all body organs to use. The bloodstream transports them to all body cells, where cells can pick them and use them to make ATP through mitochondria, the body's energy currency.

With age, changes in dietary habits, and lifestyle, the function of the body, especially mitochondria, is affected. When prolonged, these poor nutritional and lifestyle choices cause permanent damage to the metabolism and mitochondria’s function, making it hard to generate energy.

When a person starts taking the MetaboFix weight loss formula, it works on metabolism, improving the rate at which the body breaks down and processes carbs, proteins, and fats. Some of its ingredients work on lowering oxidative stress, clearing toxins, relieving inflammation, and reducing stress, all of which are underlying causes for slow metabolism and obesity.

Gold Vida MetaboFix supplement has certain ingredients that are required for cellular functions, regeneration, growth, and repair, making it easy to continue the energy-producing process even when you are aging. You may see some bacterial strains inside MetaboFix ingredients, too, that work on maintaining gut health, making it easy to lose weight.

Regular use of MetaboFix supplement works on digestion, immunity, heart health, and brain health, saving from all potential risks of aging, especially those that result in weight gain. However, to get these benefits, one has to use the MetaboFix powder regularly, without skipping any day. The individual results may vary in users, but all of them will experience changes in their metabolic rate and gut health within a few weeks of using this supplement.

Directions To Use MetaboFix Supplement

There are 30 servings inside every bottle of MetaboFix weight loss supplement. This one bottle is enough for one month if you take one serving per day. According to the official website (, you need a glass of water to take this supplement, but you can also use them with any other beverage other than alcohol.

Although the recommended dosage is only one scoop (or serving) but taking two scoops is also safe, especially when you are extremely obese and need something for more profound results.

If you are taking only one scoop per day, the best time to consume it is in the early morning, before, or with breakfast. For the next dose, you can use it in lunch to trigger a faster weight loss.

Never consume MetaboFix with alcohol or any alcoholic drink. Also, don’t consume it if you are already taking any weight loss supplement. Making combinations and experimenting with its dosage is not recommended.

MetaboFix Precautions and Warnings

MetaboFix is generally safe for all users, and there is no way it can go wrong for you. Despite being a natural formula, it has some limitations on its usage, some of which are as follows.

It is not suitable for underage children, especially those below 18 years of age. Childhood obesity is a genuine health concern, but it needs a different treatment. Using adult supplements for children is neither safe nor recommended.

If you are a breastfeeding or pregnant mother, refrain from using any dietary supplement without consulting your doctor. Once this period is over, you can start taking MetaboFix immediately after getting approval from the doctor first.

Be honest while sharing your family or medical history with a doctor. If the doctor finds a supplement unhelpful, follow his device and use an alternative.

Note: Individual results may vary. MetaboFix is a natural product, and all-natural products take some time to act. Give it at least four to six months before expecting visible changes. For a complete body transformation, use it for three to six months, with basic dietary and lifestyle changes.

Best About MetaboFix Weight Loss Supplement

Start taking MetaboFix every day for a few weeks and see the following changes showing up gradually.

·         Improved metabolism and complete breakdown of food

·         Changes in mitochondrial structures and functions

·         Triggers a natural fat burn

·         Easy conversion of food to energy

·         Better glycemic index and insulin response

·         Controlled hunger and reduced hunger pangs

·         Protection from cardiovascular diseases

·         Complete nutritional boost without making dietary changes

·         Better digestion, especially carbs and fat digestion

·         Higher energy levels, better stamina, and strength

·         Mood improvement, stress relief, and protection from anxiety

You have to pay delivery charges for your order. This additional cost is the same for all orders, no matter how many jars are included. Ideally, buying more jars in one go is better than buying one jar every month. You will save the additional delivery cost, plus buying it bulk makes it more affordable.

Gifts With All Orders

Every MetaboFix customer will get three bonus items with his purchase. It is true for all orders, with no minimum requirement.

Here is a list of MetaboFix gifts;

Gift Number 1: 7-Day Rapid Fat Burning Protocol

This diet plan helps you lose weight fast without spending extra money on a diet plan. The company is giving this 7-day diet plan for free, and the best part of it is that you don’t have to compromise on taste. This diet plan includes delicious foods such as blueberry waffles, triple cheese pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream, and whatnot. Following it along with MetaboFix drink in the morning doubles the result, and you reach a target weight in no time.

Gift Number 2: 12-Hour Flat Stomach Detox

This is a super-fast weight loss diet plan that needs only two days to work. If you have an important function or event lined up, try this 12- hour diet with MetaboFix supplement to lose a couple of inches off your belly. No need to skip food and starve yourself when you have a professionally designed weight loss plan that is safe and healthy for you.

Gift Number 3: 30 Fat-Burning Bedtime Desserts

All normal weight loss plans require no sugar intake. However, MetaboFix users don’t have to do it. In this free guide, you will get to know about 30 simple, healthy and delicious dessert recipes that don’t ruin your weight loss results.

What if MetaboFix Fails To Meet Your Expectation?

All MetaboFix users have the privilege to get their money back if they feel this product is not helping them. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders, ensuring all users that their money is safe. Many times, people don’t try a new product because they fear losing their money. To be honest, this is true for many reasons because of the online scams and fake companies that are looting innocent customers.

Gold Vida MetaboFix customers have a 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. During this time, you can contact the company and share your concern with them. The company asks no questions and respects your decision. However, there are a few things that are mandatory to get this refund.

Only those orders that are purchased through the official website are eligible for this refund offer. If you have purchased it from independent sellers and any other source, note that the company will have no record of it. Besides, there are high chances that you may not even get a genuine product. So, the best decision is to buy the genuine MetaboFix supplement from the official website.

The company has a full right to reject any refund request made after 60 days. If the request made by the customer is received or made after 60 days of purchase, the company will not facilitate and proceed with the refund.


MetaboFix is a natural metabolic booster powder that helps to lose and manage weight. The only legit option to buy this option is through the official website. Do not trust any other source if you want to receive the genuine supplement. There are thousands of customers that share their experiences and weight loss stories with it, showing that it is a simple and healthy experience.

There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, or toxins inside, which is why the risks of side effects with this supplement are minimal. Gold Vida claims that all MetaboFix ingredients are sourced from premium quality natural sources, mainly plant-based, and are fit for people with different dietary preferences.

The individual results of this supplement may vary for every user. Those who are way over a healthy weight may need three to six months for a complete weight loss transformation. If you are interested in losing weight without a strict diet or spending a huge sum of money, the MetaboFix supplement is the right choice for you.

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