The sex positions that help you burn the most calories

 The sex positions that help you burn the most calories

 If you’re hoping there’s a way to turn a sweaty sex session into an alternative to hopping on a spin bike or going for a run, you might want to manage your expectations. “No single sex act is burning a ton of calories.

Sex makes you sweat and some sexual positions demand a lot from certain muscle groups!

How Many Calories Does Sex Actually Burn?

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The sex positions that help you burn the most calories

5 Natural aphrodisiacs to boost your libido

These sex positions that promote restful sleep

The most common fears related to sex

What is the ideal time to have sex?

 You probably know that sex burns calories. But do you know which positions to favor to combine pleasure and sport?

 What if we told you that sex could replace a cardio session? It's not for nothing that we call it "chamber sport" ... In fact, a golf boutique chain,, has taken an interest in it. And especially in the sex positions that help you burn the most calories.

 To achieve this ranking, connected watches were distributed to 112 heterosexual couples who then indulged in various positions. Conclusion? An increase in cardio and fat burning. The calories burned in the results are shown during a 30-minute report.

 The squat

The woman is in a squat position, crouching over the man, facing him. She burns 188 calories and he burns 50.

 The butter barrate

The woman is in a candlelight position and the man sits down at her level, penetrating her. She burns 179 calories and he burns 211.

 The wheelbarrow on its knees

This is the doggy style position with a twist: the woman simply lifts one of her legs up. She burns 149 calories and he burns 167.


The couple hug each other and the woman wraps her legs around the man at his hips. She burns 145 calories and he burns 198.

 The cowgirl

The man is on his back and the woman on him with her legs around his chest. She burns 139 calories and he burns 48.

 The lotus

The man is seated and the woman is on top of him, her breasts to his chest. She burns 139 calories, and he burns 148.

 The Inverted Andromache

The man is lying down and the woman is on all fours on him with her back turned. Women burn 137 calories and men 48.

 The 69

 The man and the woman give pleasure to each other orally where the two partners unite. Women burn 111 calories and men 78.

 Small spoons

The woman burns 84 calories while the man burns 101.

 The Eagle

Women burn 69 calories and men 145.

  5 natural aphrodisiacs to boost your libido

Is confinement and the daily grind having a negative role on your libido? Here are five natural aphrodisiacs to boost it.

 Nothing like natural ingredients to include in your menu ...

 1. Garlic

Although it is better for both partners to eat it so as not to be bothered by the smell, garlic has a positive effect on libido. It is rich in allicin, an ingredient that increases blood circulation and libido. It therefore promotes the irrigation of the male and female sexual organs.

 2. Dark chocolate

Its high cocoa content triggers the secretion of two pleasure hormones: dopamine and endorphins. They are euphoric and help make the body more receptive. In addition to giving your sex life a little boost, dark chocolate is also good for your morale and health. Indeed, it is an important source of magnesium which helps fight fatigue, stress and anxiety.

 3. The advocate

Do you love it in guacamole, on toast or in your favorite salads, without knowing all its advantages? Rich in potassium, avocado increases the secretion of testosterone in men and boosts desire in women. It also contains vitamin E which promotes sperm production. In addition, it also helps in the production of sperm.

 4. The clove

With its strong vasodilator power, it helps the blood to diffuse in the organs at a high speed. Result: desire is stimulated in both men and women. To consume, for example, in a herbal tea during the day.

 5. Saffron

This spice, although it is the most expensive in the world, is also to have in your cupboard for recipes that raise the temperature ... It increases sensations in the erogenous zones and would help lubricate the vaginal mucous membranes.


These sex positions that promote restful sleep

Sex is good for your health, it is a fact that no longer needs to be proven. On the other hand, did you know that certain positions would promote your sleep and allow you to sleep better?

 This experiment, carried out on 1,652 participants over three months during which each one practiced 25 different sexual positions before bringing a sleep editor to get through the night, resulted in the paradoxical sleep phase, the paradoxical sleep cycle, cycle considerably.

 REM sleep usually takes up 20% of total sleep time and is made up of deep sleep and signs of wakefulness. It is during this phase that brain activity increases, muscles are immobilized, heart rate quickens and blood pressure rises. It is in this phase that most dreams occur. According to this study, practicing certain sexual positions before sleeping helps to support this phase of REM sleep and therefore to have more restful sleep.

 The first position to promote restful sleep will be doggy style, according to the results of the study. It would increase the paradoxical sleep phase by 43%. The position of the lotus would increase it by 39%, while that of the deployed eagle would increase it by 35%. The paradoxical sleep phase would be increased by 26% thanks to the positions of the bridge and the Andromache.

 Unfortunately, the study does not specify why these positions have a positive effect on sleep.

 Here are the most common fears related to sex

A study was conducted revealing a ranking of the ten most common fears related to the sexual act, but also before and after. Enough to feel less alone in the face of our fears ...

The Superdrug OnlineDoctor site conducted a survey, then relayed by Metro UK, to find out the most frequent sexual anxieties. Respondents were to rate each fear on a list given by the researchers on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest possible worry. Here is the classification that emerged.

1. The fear that our partner will not find us attractive

2. The fear of not satisfying his / her partner and that he / she will not have an orgasm

3. The fear that our partner is carrying an STI or STD

4. The fear of being a "bad move"

5. The fear of an unwanted pregnancy

6. The fear of ejaculating too quickly

7. The fear of having an embarrassing moment

8. The fear that our partner has the Covid-19

9. The fear that our hairs are a "love kill"

10. The fear of not knowing how to do it    

What is the ideal time to have sex?

Morning, noon or evening: is there an ideal time to have sex? We think the best is to do it when you want ... But, according to chronobiology, there would be a "perfect" time to plan a moment just for two.

 Do you prefer morning hugs? Or rather those of the evening? Even if you have to take advantage of it when you want, it seems that there is an ideal time to indulge yourself a little time under the duvet.

 According to chronobiology, the science that studies biological rhythms in the body, 7:30 am is the "recommended" time for somersaults. This is in any case what reveals a survey conducted by Forza Supplement, a site selling dietetic products.

  Why so early ? It's all about hormones. This is when men's sex hormones are most released. Women, on the other hand, achieve high estrogen levels. The rise in endorphins triggered by a part of the legs in the air lowers blood pressure and stress. Something to be optimistic and in a good mood for the rest of the day.

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